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W4YC35T Chapter 2

- Title: W4YC35T Chapter 2
- Author: waycestlove
- Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
- Rating: PG-13, will go up to NC-17
- POV: third
- Summary: A series of AIM conversations between the Way brothers, while on the same bus, touring. Inspired by A1M L0V3, an AMAZING fic by a7x_murderscene that you need to check out.
- Disclaimer: I don't own either of the Way brothers, and trust me, that's a good thing. If I did, Mikey would be wearing my panties while dusting my room, and Gerard would be doing a dance in a lacy bra. Thanks, I know I'm messed up.
- Author Notes: This entire fic is dedicated to a7x_murderscene, an amazing writer who inspired me. This is also my first slash, and it's pretty... Bad. So be nice. Constructive crit. is welcome. 

Geetard666: Mikey, take your status off of away, I know you’re there.

MikeyMan (away): How did you know?

Geetard666: I can look out from my bunk and see the entire bus, doofus.

MikeyMan: Oh.

Geetard666: So, are you going to avoid me all the time now>

Geetard666: ?*

MikeyMan: I just... How uncomfortable is it to find out that your brother... LIKES you.

Geetard666: Only as uncomfortable as you make it.

MikeyMan: You don’t get it Gee. It’s complicated.

Geetard666: How so?

MikeyMan: No one asked about how I feel. For all you know, I could hate you now.

Geetard666: You could love me too.

MikeyMan: How can you be like that?

Geetard666: Like what?

MikeyMan: So free. So “I don’t care what happens. I’m just gunna say it and deal with whatever happens.”

Geetard666: Because even if you haven’t noticed it yet, you like me too. And I know it. It’s something I can just tell.

MikeyMan: WE ARE BROTHERS. Liking each other is just wrong. Not to society or our parents, but to me.

Geetard666: Come to my bunk.

MikeyMan: Why?

Geetard666: I want to have you tell me it feels wrong when you kiss me.

MikeyMan: I’m not kissing you, Gerard.

Geetard666: Fine. I’ll kiss you. But you will admit that you like it.

MikeyMan: No, I won’t.

Geetard666: Prove it.

MikeyMan has set his status to Be Right Back


Mikey crept slowly to the back of the bus. He knew that how he felt was wrong, but in his head, his heart, and his pants, it seemed so right.

            Lifting the curtain to his brother’s bunk, he smiled as he saw Gerard, fast asleep, Sidekick in hand. With swift movements, Mikey worked his way into the bunk, lying beside the older man. Carefully, he moved Gee’s arm to wrap around himself, sighing and drifting off into sleep.

            Mikey didn’t notice the faint smile on Gerard’s very awake, faking lips. That is, until the lips were pressed lightly to his own. Half asleep, and eyes closed, Mikey didn’t quite register that he was kissing his brother back, until a faint moan fell from Gerard’s lips.

            Mikey pulled back quickly. “What the fuck, Gerard!?” He yelled. “What is wrong with you?”

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