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W4YC35T Chapter 1

- Title: W4YC35T Chapter 1 
- Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
- Rating: PG-13, will go up to NC-17
- POV: N/A
- Summary: A series of AIM conversations between the Way brothers, while on the same bus, touring. Inspired by A1M L0V3, an AMAZING fic by a7x_murderscene that you need to check out.
- Disclaimer: I don't own either of the Way brothers, and trust me, that's a good thing. If I did, Mikey would be wearing my panties while dusting my room, and Gerard would be doing a dance in a lacy bra. Thanks, I know I'm messed up.
- Author Notes: This entire fic is dedicated to a7x_murderscene, an amazing writer who inspired me. This is also my first slash, and it's pretty... Bad. So be nice. Constructive crit. is welcome.

Geetard666: Mikeyface.

MikeyMan: Whaaaat, Geetard?

Geetard666: Hey, that’s just for aim. No calling me that.

MikeyMan: Don’t call me Mikeyface, then.

Geetard666: But it’s so cute.

Geetard666: Like you.

MikeyMan: Shut up Gee, you know I hate compliments and shit.

Geetard666: I know. That’s why you blush like crazy when those fan girls come and say how sexy you are, and how much they wanna BANG you! XD

MikeyMan: I’m blushing over here, Gerard.

Geetard666: Well I can’t blame them, you are a fine piece of ass.

MikeyMan: Did my own brother just say that? No way, I’m dreaming.

Geetard666: Oooh, Mikey dreams about his brother does he? –is giggling-

MikeyMan: I didn’t say that.

Geetard666: You didn’t not say it.

MikeyMan: But I didn’t say it, so shut up.

Geetard666: You silly boy. –is kissing you-

MikeyMan: Whoa there Gee, that better be a brotherly, cheek kiss or something.

Geetard666: And what if it isn’t? HmmmMmMmMm????

MikeyMan: I’ll have to get off the couch, come to the back of the bus and KILL YOU.

Geetard666: Kill me? You mean kiss me. ALL over.

MikeyMan: -is gagging-

Geetard666: Shut up kid, you know you want me.

MikeyMan: Oh yes, Gerard. I want you so bad. Mmm, incestuous urges. Can’t. Contain. Boner.

Geetard666: I knew you’d admit to it some day.

MikeyMan: SARCASM, Gerard.

Geetard666: You know, it’s said that in ever joke, and in every bit of sarcasm, there is a sliver of truth.

MikeyMan: Well there is no truth in that, trust me.

Geetard666: I don’t trust you.

MikeyMan: Great brotherly love.

Geetard666: Oh, I’ll give you some brotherly love. –is sliding his hand up your thigh-

MikeyMan: Gee, WHAT THE FUCK?

Geetard666: It’s called cyber sex, my sheltered little brother. And it’s fun.

MikeyMan: I am NOT having any kind of sex with you, ick.

Geetard666: Fine, I’ll just continue until you break. –is kissing your neck slowly-

MikeyMan: EWEWEWEW stop nowwww!

Geetard666: Nope, it’s fun, imagining you squirm like this. –is rubbing at your bulge gently-

MikeyMan: This is so wrong. I know that you’ll never shut up though. So fine. –is tilting his neck to the side-

Geetard666: Oh, lookie here. Little Mikey likes having his neck ravaged. –nips at your soft flesh, leaving small marks-

MikeyMan: Shut it Gee, I’m trying to imagine that I’m talking to Alicia.

Geetard666: Well, you aren’t talking to her, you’re talking to me. And you are liking it.

MikeyMan: What do you expect me to say? I love you, as more than a brother?

Geetard666: Why not, that’s what I’m about to say.

MikeyMan: WHAT!

Geetard666: Mikey, it should be obvious. I flirt, I do shit like this. Not to mention, you must have noticed me checking you out all the time.

MikeyMan: Gee, we are BROTHERS. That is so wrong.

Geetard666: Says who? Our parents? Since when have we listened to them. Society? Isn’t our band all about giving them a big fuck you? I love you Mikey, and I don’t care about our relation. You are beautiful to me.

MikeyMan: Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

MikeyMan signed off.
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