Aleshia (waycestlove) wrote,

Title: Sometimes I Think I’ll Die Alone

Author:Aleshia(me), waycestlove


Rating:NC17 eventually, PG to PG-13 this chapter


Summary: Three years ago, Gerard Way was sent to boot camp at seventeen years old, by his homophobic parents. Believing that he has been “cured of his sickness”, they ship sixteen-year-old Mikey to the same camp when they find him kissing another boy behind the house. But what Mr. And Mrs. Way don’t know, is that before they shipped off Gerard, he and Mikey were already deeply in a wrong love.

Disclaimer: This is not real. No matter how much I want it to be. This all comes from my sick little mind and I quite like it.

Author Note: Thank you to my brand new BETA :hugglez: erraticxthought


Mikey sat at the small, round table in the kitchen, drinking his orange juice. He cringed at the sour taste every time he took a sip. “Drink up, you need your vitamins.” His mother would say. But she would also say that liking boys was wrong, so what did that bitch know?

Mikey sighed and held his nose, chugging down the remaining juice in his large glass. The moment it hit the tabletop, his father appeared in the doorway.

“Come on Michael, it’s time to go.”

Mikey sighed and stood up, straightening out the very plain, all gray ensemble that his mother had put together for him. He grabbed his brown and followed his father out the door.

Michael? Why the fuck is he calling me Michael all of a sudden? Just last week I was Mikey Mouse, Little Man, even Four Eyes... But I don’t think I’ve ever been Michael to him.

And then, it hit him. Hard and fast in the chest, like a dull arrow.

It’s because he thinks I’m gay. I’m not special to him anymore because he thinks I’m a dirty faggot... Like my brother was.



Every moment spent in silence during the car ride to Lakeshore Camp was like taking a knife to the chest for young Mikey. The entire forty-five minute drive, all that was passing through his head was “Daddy, please talk to me. Call me Mikey Mouse. Smile at me. I want you to love me again.”



A/N: I can’t help it, I write short chapters. This is just the prologue though; the chapters will be a bit longer... I hope. Updates will be whenever I damn well feel like it. Kthnxlve.
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